Premiered in 1634, five hours running time, 109 performances, and 530,000 visitors from around the world - that's the basic statistics of the world's most famous passion play in Oberammergau, Bavaria. The tradition of a play about the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ every ten years, will be continued for the 42nd time in 2022.


Admission fees have been first charged in 1790, and packaged tours are offered by tour operators since 1870. About half of the visitors are international guests. Not only VIPs, royals, and celebrities have seen the passion play, but hundreds of thousands of tourists and pilgrims. No wonder, the Oberammergau passion play is the most important event for tourism in Germany.


But did you know that there are many more passion plays in Europe? Come in 2022 for the Oberammergau Passion Play. Or 2025 to Erl in Tyrol (Austria). Or to one of the more than 60 other Passion Plays around Europe. Make a passion play an ongoing part of your travel programs.


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Take your groups 2022 to Oberammergau or 2025 to Erl in Tyrol. Contact us to discuss details now.


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Photo: Terra Lu Travel team in front of our office
Terra Lu Travel team in front of our office
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